This is a version of 2p!HetaOni, created by Italy-PastaLove and Akiraka-chan.

2p!HetaOni is based on HetaOni, which in turn is based on Ao Oni. The idea and story is essentially the same as HetaOni, with the aim being to escape the Mansion. The twist is that instead of featuring the canon characters, it features the 2p!Hetalia cast.

Creator(s) Italy-PastaLove


Tool RPG Maker
Genre RPG, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language

HetaOni was rewritten to fit a 2p setting by Akirka-chan, however, some of their script was taken with permission from the 2p!HetaOni comic, created by OneRandomNameIndeed. Despite borrowing some dialogue, the game will only be similar to the comic at the beginning. They are probably wanting to keep the game truer to HetaOni, something that the comic arguably fails to do.

Plot Edit

2p!Italy, 2p!Germany, 2p!Prussia and 2p!Japan approach an old, abandoned House, three hours on foot from the world summit place.

Upon entering, they hear something crash. 2p!Japan volunteers to go and investigate. After discovering it was just a broken plate, he goes back to the others, to discover them gone.

He assumes they left without him and attempts to leave, but finds he can't. After a few attempts, he decides to look for another way out.

As he continues along, he meets a 2p!version of The Thing and finds his "friends" didn't abandon him.

Currently, they are looking for 2p!Italy.

Characters Edit

Coming sooner or later.

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