This is a version of 2p!HetaOni created by StarPower9000.

Creator(s?) StarPower9000


Tool RPG Maker
Genre RPG, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language


Much like its sister project, it is based on HetaOni, which in turn, is based on Ao Oni. It should be noted that the two projects were developed independantly.

Unlike the other version of 2p!HetaOni, this version follows the 2p!HetaOni comic, created by OneRandomNameIndeed. As this version follows the comic, it is likely to be very different from its sister project.

Plot Edit

The 2p!Axis arrive at an abandoned House, three hours on foot from the world meeting place. Upon entering, they hear a crashing sound. 2p!Japan goes to investigate and discovers it's just a broken plate.

When he returns to the main hallway, he discovers that his "friends" are gone. He assumes that they have left and attempts to leave too, only to find the front door impossible to open. After several attempts, he gives up and goes to find another exit.

After meeting a (possibly 2p version of...?) The Thing, his 1p!counterpart (however, plot relevance is debatable, as he appears to only be a reference) and finally finding an ally, Japan goes to the library.

Currently, he is looking for a way to escape, but subconsciously(?) also looking for 2p!Prussia and 2p!Italy.

Characters Edit

Coming sooner or later.

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