Bad Pasta is a game made by OneRandomNameIndeed on DeviantArt.

Creator OneRandomNameIndeed
Tool Ren'Py
Genre Visual Novel
Status Incomplete Completion

Original language


A demo was released in July 2014, but was discontinued several months later. An incomplete version of the game was released in October 2015, with an almost complete story (some parts are summarised by a narrator), clearly incomplete artwork and little to no music or sound effects.

Although only an incomplete version exists, the game is notable for its many ends, listing a total of thirteen official ends. All thirteen are entirely down to choices you make early on and later in the game.

It's impossible to save all characters in-game. At least one character dies in every end.

Plot Edit

The story takes place in World Academy, over the course of one year. Throughout this year, strange things happen, which can lead to Arthur or Kiku getting suspicious of the events and unearthing what is going on at World Academy (entirely depending on player choices).

The game changes genre at least three times, but this again depends on player choices. It starts off as a comedy, becomes a drama, before evolving into a mystery (and depending on choices, ends on a supernatural note).

Characters Edit

Kiku Honda

Kiku is the dual-protagonist, along with Arthur, although he doesn't necessarily remain "playable" depending on player's decisions. He is characterised as a somewhat shy student that dislikes crowds and noise. He is overwhelmed at World Academy and just wants a little peace and quiet at the beginning of the game. Depending on player's decisions, he might get his wish.

Arthur Kirkland

Arthur is the dual-protagonist, along with Kiku, although he doesn't necessarily remain "playable" depending on player's decisions. He is characterised as the arrogant, strict and unintentionally mean School Council President. At the beginning of the game, Kiku is his only friend, although this can change, based on player's decisions.

Feliciano Vargas

Although he doesn't appear until Chapter 2, he is probably the next most important character in the game. He's characterised as a childish or child-like daydreamer, although he is later shown to have hidden depths. How much you learn about him depends entirely on player's decisions.

Other Characters

The game has a small, supporting cast, whose roles in the game, once again, depend on player choices. The importance of Elizabeta, Manon, Monique (Monaco), Roderich, Peter, Paulette (Wy), Ivan, Alfred, Matthew, Francis, Ludwig and Gilbert vary for every end.

Antonio and Lovino are important only at the beginning of the game, as they die in a car crash, essentially starting a whole series of events.

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