Connecting Worlds is an RPG created by Hanatoa on DeviantArt.

Creator Hanatoa
Tool RPG Maker VX
Genre RPG
Status Unfinished

Original language


So far it is only a demo, as the creator wants to publish the whole game in one go, rather than in segments.

Something noteworthy about Connecting Worlds is that it will feature multiple characters from the Hetalia Multiverse.

Whether the creator will only be using official designs/universes (stretched, as many characters don't have official designs despite said universes existing, such as Nyo!talia, 2p!talia, Monster!talia, Cardverse!talia, etc.) or if she will also be using other universes (such as Steampunk, Sci-Fi, human alternate universes, etc) remains unknown.

Plot Edit

Not much is known about the plot, as it has only featured canon!Italy and 2p!Italy switching places thus far. Amongst characters we have seen are the canons of Italy, Germany, Spain, Romano, China, England, Japan and France, 2p!Italy, 2P!England and 2p!Romano. We have heard others speaking, but they have not made an appearance.

Characters Edit

Coming sooner or later.

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