Corpsetalia is a Hetalia fangame created by Kiarei and Taka. It follows the events of the RPG game Corpse Party:


Kiarei and Taka

Tool RPG Maker VX
Genre RPG, Horror
Current Version 0.1: Chapter one
Status Unfinished
Original Language English

Blood Covered by team GrisGris, but having the countries as the main characters.

It has actually been updated a demo and chapter 1, so it's an unfinished game.


One day, after a meeting in Japan's new office, he tells the countries that the place where they are now used to be an elementary school, named Heavenly Host Elementary School, until a teacher died and it was demolished. After that, Italy says he wants to try a magic charm he found on the internet to make everyone be friends forever. They do it, but right when they do it, an earthquake starts and they get separated... Inside what appears to be the demosiled Heavenly Host Elementary School.