HetaHazarad : Outbreak is a Fangame created by Prypiat and is based on

Creator Prypiat
Tool RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre RPG, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language


HetaHazard created by Sadaie (さだいえ) and "A Nightmare to Remember" created by Wendell. The game was originally a classic RPG with some RTS mechanics named " La guerre inter-régionale ", based on a french fan fiction named " La guerre inter-régionale a commencé " by CapitaineAwes0me before becoming HetaHazard : Outbreak.


The story begins the 1st january 2015 when the Ukrainian twins, Prypiat and Chernobyl, have been invited to the party organised by Pays de la Loire.

They joins their cousin, Russia, talking about his deceased father/their uncle, USSR and his mother/their aunt, Siberia after some minutes before a blonde woman who is Maubeuge (A French City in the " Nord-Pas-de-Calais ") comes and interrupt their discussion and talks with Prypiat (Who seems to have a love/hate relation with her), causing Chernobyl to leave them together because he/she don't want to bother them. (In reality, he/she hates Maubeuge when she's there, even when she stalks them because she reminds him/her France)

The 2nd january, Prypiat wakes in his appartment after hearing a strange noise, thinking this was the moan of a woman who sleeps with him but the noise become more clear to him, reminding him the words of his aunt about the events of the G8 of HetaHazard and he takes his pistol and his knife before he leaves his room to face with a zombified woman.

After the death of the first zombie, he attempt to search after some survivors but he founds nothing except more zombies in the streets of Lille and Sicily who stalks him silently...

He makes his way througt the train station and he meets Chernobyl in one of the wagon, giving him some help in exchange of the money he founds after a brief discussion about the events of the party when Chernobyl was left alone when his twin brother have a romantic night with Maubeuge.

After leaving Chernobyl one more time, Prypiat attempt to restore the electricity but, he ignores that some creatures stalks him in the darkness...