HetaHunt is an RPG inspired by HetaOni, serving as a fanmade prequel. The game was created by Suzubi on DeviantArt and is available free to download.

Creator Suzubi
Tool RPG Maker XP
Genre RPG, Puzzle
Status Complete

Original language


Plot Edit

It's the end of the first loop. Italy is holding the Journal and before escaping, looks back to The Thing. Angry and upset, Italy sneers that The Thing won't be able to catch him. He then makes The Thing an offer. If it wants to catch him, it has to take them back to a point in time, when they (e.g. the former axis and allies) were still alive.

The Thing is next seen in a room with twelve doors. Only one is accessible. As the Thing collects more nations, more doors unlock, until all are unlocked.

The game finishes when you have successfully collected all twelve nations.

Characters Edit

The Thing Edit

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Unlike in the original game, The Thing serves as the game's protagonist. The Thing only says "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe." in-game though, keeping the character as mysterious at it is in HetaOni and arguably 2p!HetaOni.

Italy Edit

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Aside from The Thing, the only other Character to play a role in the game is Italy, who at the beginning of the game demands that The Thing take them back in time. Notably, he is the last nation to be collected in HetaHunt.

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