HetaStone is a new RPG formatted game created by 13-night-hour that is inspired by the MMD video 【APヘタリアMMD】RPG & Short Bloopers

Creator 13-night-hour
Tool RPG Maker XP
Genre RPG, Adventure, Drama
Current version none
Status In-production

Original language


The game is currently in production.

Updates can be found on the creator's dA page -


One should never venture too far into the Earth. For many things that lie beneath were placed there for a reason. But like the humans we are, we never listen to advice that could possibly prevent all the forms of destruction that could happen upon us. One such event occurs, in the dark snowy lands, dug up from it's hallow, is a black crystal. Harmless on it own but a powerful presence could awaken it's dark power, and with it, the destruction of the world.

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