"HetaX - The End of The World" is a fan-made Hetalia game created by sallyatoyota on deviantART about one of the most popular alternative universe of Hetalia: 2p!Hetalia. The game is in English and playable.


"Don't judge a book by its cover."

It started with England (Arthur) dreamed about his "other self" - 2p!England (Oliver) and was told about the end for both worlds was coming. He planned to solve the problem with  his brothers: Scotland (Allistor), Ireland (Carl) and Wales (Dylan). But thanks to France's confess, America (Alfred) knew about this and accidentally interrupted when Arthur was being teleported to the alternate universe where the 2ps live. In the end, Arthur was stuck in our world, and America and somehow Germany, went to the other world and had to deal with all the problems alone.

Things get complicated with all the magic and chaos that exist in the 2p!World.


The game is categorized as Horror, Fantasy and Adventure.


Unfinished, currently making.



The game is made by RPG Maker VX.

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