Hetalia iron heart by mroctopuswiener-dc0933m

Iron Heart is a Hetalia Visual Novel created by Hetafacts (mroctopuswiener). The game is completed and is playable on PC and Mac. It is available here: the most recent build being "Iron Heart Update #3".

Plot Edit

In this game, you, play as Lithuania and have the option of dating 9 characters. You can choose between Poland, Belarus, Russia, America, Prussia, Estonia, Turkey, Tony, and America's whale. The game's plot is different depending on which route you take.

The game starts with Lithuania being late for a world meeting in Germany. After deciding between kicking down the door or sneaking in quietly, Lithuania then realizes that he isn't late at all, but just had his time zones off. With the spare time he now has, he decides to talk to someone. This is where the paths split.