Miasnoï Bor is a Fangame created by Prypiat and is based on

Creator Prypiat
Tool RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre RPG, Adventure, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language


some urbans legends of Miasnoï Bor. The player incarnes USSR.


To be added.


  • Miasnoï Bor is a real life forest who is located in the region of Novgorod, Russia.
  • The name means " Meat Forest " in English (" Forêt de la viande " in French) due to the numbers of soldiers (German, Spanish and Russian) who died in the forest during the events of the second world war and their bones who can be found by digging the mud in the swamp area.
  • Miasnoï Bor is also known for a phenomenon called " Chronomirage " (Who is different of the phenomenon of the mirages) who can be observed in some areas.