Game Dangantalia
Role Antagonist
First apperance (Physically) Chapter 1
First Appearance (Face) Chapter 3

Monochrome is the main antagonist of Dangantalia: The Despairing Countries. Before the third chapter, he is referred by the Nations as "the voice".

In the game, he is only seen during the Grand Trials as a person with purple robe and clothes, which cover most of his body, and his face is left inside the shadows.

Aside from the trials, he does not physically appear, instead he uses voices. He usually tells when a corpse has been found with the "Corpse Discovery Announcement" and also announces when there is something he should tell the Nations. He also opens new floors every time a trial has been finished.

There is nothing much to know about him, but he said after the third trial that he is the despair within the Nations' hearts. The meaning behind this remains unknown, though.

Monochrome's goal is not clear as of now, but Germany implied that his goal is probably to spread chaos around the world by killing the personifications.


Dangantalia-Monochrome (both sides)

Monochrome's black and white mask