North Italy, usually only referred to as Italy, called Veneziano by his brother and given the human name "Feliciano Vargas" is arguably the main character of Hetalia, as he had the series named after him.

Canonically, he is a cheery, talkative and energetic young man with strange cultural habits (typical of Italians)

Versions of Italy Edit

Official Name(s) Italy Veneziano

Italian Republic

Repubblica Italiana

Northern Italy

Feliciano Vargas

Unofficial Names Luciano Vargas

Feliciana Vargas

Alice Vargas


Age 20

Canon Italy Edit

The canon version is the one most are familiar with. He's noted to be cowardly and perhaps a little stupid, but he's quite endearing and lovable all the same.

2p!Italy Edit

From official artwork featuring a recoloured version of Italy that looked notably darker than his canon counterpart. Often, his personality is simply described as "exact opposite" of Italy. Despite many disputes, most fans can agree that he has a fondness for knives and will kill for his own benefits.

Nyo!Italy Edit

Despite popular misconception, Nyo!Italy is not a genderbent!Italy. She is noted to have a stronger personality, being braver and "badass". Notably more willing to fight.

Neko!Italy Edit

Other than being a cat, rather than a human, no real differences between Neko!Italy and Canon Italy are known.

2p!Nyo!Italy Edit

Despite having official art, this character isn't in use as much as her male counterpart. Presumably an opposite of her female counterpart... But if that's the case... shouldn't she be a little cowardly...?

Portrayal in Games Edit

Italy is often portrayed as a naïve, curious person, assuming the game doesn't start with him broken.

Due to the nature of HetaGames (horror), Italy is often broken. Despite this, he remains strong and remains happy, sticking to simple goals, such as simply "having a party with all his friends" after dealing with the horror of whatever situation they're currently in.

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