South Italy, commonly referred to as Romano with the human name "Lovino Vargas" is North Italy's older brother although the Italian brothers are often mistaken for twins by the fandom.

Official Name(s) Italy Romano

Italian Republic

Repubblica Italiana

Southern Italy

Lovino Vargas

Unofficial Names Flavio Vargas

Romana Vargas

Lovina Vargas

Caterina Vargas

Chiara Vargas


Age 22-23

Canonically Romano is friendly and kind to woman, but strict and unsocial to men. He's stubborn, but apparently timid. He swears, often saying "damn it" and "bastard". He also says "chigi" when agitated or when flustered.

Versions of Romano Edit

Canon Romano Edit

He is a tsundere, but despite him acting rougher and gruffer than his brother, he is actually equally cowardly. He is also a hard worker in modern day. This is often forgotten by fans though. Damn it. Who needs those bastards anyway?!

2p!Romano Edit

He is often simply characterised as N. Italy, without the child-like attributes and with a large interest in fashion. However, this is not the only charaterisation of 2p!Romano, just the most popular one at this time. He has no official design.

Nyo!Romano Edit

She has an official design, but not much is known about her. Like her sister, she is braver than her male counterpart and is a better fighter. She seems to be strong (alongside Spain) and due to her being referred as "Miss Romana" (Romana-san), it can be argued that she is also the type to be respected.

Neko!Romano Edit

Other than being a cat, no differences can be noted.

2p!Nyo!Romano Edit

There is no popular fanon design for her or an official one.

Portrayal in Games Edit

Romano is often portrayed as an older brother that despite outward appearance, cares deeply for Italy, to the point of willingly following him into danger. He also acts rashly, getting himself and others into trouble.

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