The Grave Keeper is an RPG by Music-Piyada on DeviantArt. The game was originally created for an IT project of hers and is planned to be a short game.

The aim of the game is simply to escape the graveyard (so far).

Creator Music-Piyada
Tool RPG Maker VX
Genre RPG, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language


Plot Edit

Lovino and Feliciano are on a school trip and are split into a team to find out some information about the village they're in. As the two fill out the sheet, Feliciano sees a cat and runs after it.

They enter a graveyard, but after entering, find they can't escape. Feliciano is attacked by a ghost and soon, the two discover that they are likely to never escape.

Characters Edit

Lovino Vargas Edit

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Arguably, Lovino is the lead protagonist, protecting his brother from ghosts and making bargains with makeshift gravekeepers.

Feliciano Vargas Edit

Main Article: North Italy

The reason why he and his brother are in this supernatural mess. He's able to play the flute and seems to sympathise with their "tormentor".

Arthur Kirkland Edit

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Currently a makeshift gravekeeper. Known to be dead. It's unclear if he is friend or foe. More likely a foe, as he is arguably the reason the two brothers cannot leave.

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