The tale of two Italian brothers is an RPG created by NaruHinaFan99.

The game is largely plot-driven so the aim of the game is largely unknown.

Creator NaruHinaFan99
Tool RPG Maker
Genre RPG, Horror
Status Unfinished

Original language


Plot Edit

Feliciano wanders off to pick some flowers. Lovino warns him not to travel too far out. Feliciano does so anyway. Later, Lovino wonders where his brother went and goes to look for him.

He discovers that his brother is with ghosts. He saves his brother and the two go home. However, their home is haunted, so the two leave to try and rid themselves of the ghosts.

They discover an old, abandoned house and upon entering, are confronted by a ghost. They threaten to attack, but the ghost tells them that he is on their side and starts to tell them his tale.

From there... Things get very confusing and mysterious.

Characters Edit

Lovino Vargas Edit

Main Article: South Italy

The older brother of the two Italians brothers.

Feliciano Vargas Edit

Main Article: North Italy

Stupidly goes and gets himself haunted by ghosts.

More characters to be added later.

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