The Thing
Game(s) HetaOni



Role Antagonist (HetaOni, 2p!HetaOni)

Protagonist? (HetaHunt)

First apperance(s) HetaOni, Chapter 1

The Thing (fandomly referred as Steve, referred to as That Thing in 2p!HetaOni) is the main antagonist in the game HetaOni and 2p!HetaOni. They're also the main protagonist in the game HetaHunt.

The Thing is described in game as "a stark-naked Giant, the colour of a rotten scone". It resembles America's alien friend Tony, in that they are both alien-like in appearance.

Back when everyone was still coming up with theories for HetaOni, one of the largely forgotten theories is that The Thing was Tony's cousin. This lead to an unknown fan naming him "Steve". The name caught on to the point that some fans seem to be unaware that Steve is a fanon name.

Later on, this theory was disproven, as America in HetaOni later confirms to the others that The Thing has nothing to do with Tony. However, the name still stuck.

Very little is known of the Thing, but most believe that The Thing lives in the mansion (though this was never confirmed, only strongly implied) and that its only desire is to kill (and possibly eat, though we haven't seen him do this yet) all the nations. It also seems that he can somehow manipulate time, be it going back, or causing disruptive passing of time.